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Made2Measure Clothing
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 by Evelyn

There are those few, and certainly cherished, times in life where your path fortuitously crosses with someone whose impact will be long-lasting, and far-reaching, and for me, Hugo has been that person - the ally in my corner.

My first experience with M2M was for the occasion of a wedding - I had a vision, but no idea of how to bring it either to life, or together, and Hugo expertly guided me through fabric and pattern choices that would suit both the weather and the event. The service I experienced, along with the exceedingly dapper result demonstrated how true expertise not only makes the finished result stand out, but also delivers a product that is comfortable and exceptionally easy to wear.

Life can serve up unexpected changes, and I ended up quite suddenly embarking on a major career change. After experiencing the confidence one immediately feels when attired in a bespoke outfit, I reached out to Hugo for help in creating the impression I wanted to make in my new position. Hugo guided me in curating a wardrobe that has taken me through each season, each meeting, and each event, and regardless of whether an occasion is highly planned or a last minute schedule adjustment, I always feel, and am, perfectly prepared.

While Canadian seasons certainly make demands of one's wardrobe, for me, the seasons of change included coming out as trans/gender-queer, and Hugo, the ally in my corner, has been there throughout my journey - helping me to find that place where gender identity and gender expression meet in the sweet spot of belonging. He has patiently taught me the dressing etiquette and customs that I didn't learn while growing up in a gendered experience that didn't fit, and finally, when I look in the mirror, my outside reflects how my inside feels.

Hugo's commitment to quality, service, and style are exceptional; Regardless of the occasion, he is definitely the ally you want in your corner.

 by Adam Goldfarb

As someone with diversified experience purchasing suits from various retailers, I would describe my experience with Hugo at M2M as transcendent. Expectations were exceeded across all conceivable parameters including product quality, value, selection, customer experience, and timelines. I have found my final tailor.

 by Tina

I was very hesitant to seek out a tailor to help me find clothes that would fit properly. Being LGBTQ+, at times, can result in less than pleasant experiences when shopping. As I prefer to dress more masculine, finding dress paints, shirts and jackets that fit me properly can be a nightmare in your run of the mill retail stores.

I spent a lot of time reading the reviews about M2Mbespoke and I was excited to see that the owners were LGBTQ+ friendly. I reached out to Hugo who responded very quickly and immediately set up a call so he could determine what clothes I was in the market for. I attended the shop for measurements and while I’m a very shy person Hugo made the entire experience very comfortable. At no time did I feel overwhelmed by the choices or the process.

Hugo told me that I would never wear anything other than custom made business attire after I had my first item. I was a bit skeptical but when my blazer and pants arrived they looked amazing. So much care had gone into the tailoring and when I put them on my confidence level increased. I had never had such nice, properly fitted clothing.

Big shout out to Hugo. Thank you for your kindness!

 by Celeste M. Young

A concierge service that is uniquely them. From my first query to picking up my gorgeous bespoke suits. I felt heard and I felt seen. I was recently called to bar and as a practicing attorney it was important for me to curate a collection that was authentically me. Voluptuous and intentional, shopping has always been an experience.

Hugo and Nate made my family and I feel welcome and supported. Consummate professionals, gifted in their chosen craft and dream makers. I spoke with Nate who addressed my preliminary queries with compassion and patience. He shared their history, inclusivity and their passion. I was inspired by a business that worked hard to ensure their clients left elated. Confident in their own right, their suits sell themselves.

During our initial consultation, Hugo took the the time to get to know me, the type of work I do and my style. Perceptive and discerning, making the experience memorable and easy. He listened and provided insightful expertise. They are invested in how you feel, and how you choose to show up in your respective space. They care. I highly recommend M2M Bespoke to execute your vision and be your own walkable canvass.

 by Zahra Shariff

I have worked with Hugo three times now. The first time, he worked with me to create a work wordrobe that was more in line with my style as a queer woman. The second time, he designed my wedding suit in less than a month for my COVID wedding. The third time, he created a wonderful blazer in 19 days for my impromptu (COIVD) wedding celebration. I highly recommend him for any member of the LGBTQ+ community looking for business attire and formal wear.

 by Ashley Locke

I reached out to Hugo with a vision for a bridal suit that would make me feel beautiful, sexy, and elegant. I knew I didn’t want a dress for my wedding but I was nervous about being fitted for a suit since I’ve never worn one before! Hugo took the time to make sure everything I dreamed of was reflected this suit. The tears that surfaced the moment I pulled the jacket on hopefully communicated everything I couldn’t put into words. Thank you Hugo, for everything! I will recommend M2M to anyone without a second thought.

 by Dylan

This is the best suit you will ever wear ! The staff make you feel like family, and are there to answer any questions you have ! They are extremely knowledgable and will guide you to the most precise, and impeccable piece of clothing you will own. I cannot thank M2M enough, simply amazing.

 by Nina

For any LGBTQ2+ folks, I HIGHLY recommend M2M. I got a gorgeous custom summer suit for my wedding and although I was a little hesitant (I have never been fitted for a suit) it was a pleasure from start to finish. Hugo understood my needs as a female wanting a "masculine" suit. A++ and 100% happy with the entire experience.

 by Indula

Hugo was amazing in getting our suits for the wedding, custom tailored on time. Price was very reasonable and service was high quality. Fabric was super and so many fabrics to select depending on the budget. Thanks Hugo for your excellent service and quality of work. Can recommend to anyone without a doubt.

 by Danielle

My experience at M2M with Hugo was nothing but amazing from start to finish! He gave me an abundance of detailed information for all my questions and was equally professional and fun throughout the experience. This was my first time having a suit made to fit, and I will never look back . Thanks again, Hugo!

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