Frequently Asked Questions

As master tailors we understand the art and science behind our craft. We also understand that it can sometimes be confusing and overwhelming for our someone who has not experienced our process. Below we aim to address a few of the commonly asked questions.

1. What is M2M Bespoke?

M2M Bespoke is a custom clothier based in Toronto, Ontario selling across North America. We have both wholesale and retail clients. For years, bespoke tailoring has been reserved for the elite. M2M Bespoke removes the middle man by bringing all talent and sourcing in house to our tailor shop to be able to offer our customers Bespoke clothing at reasonable a price.

2. How does M2M offer true Bespoke Clothing at this price point?

Please read Our Story.

3. How is BESPOKE different from MADE-TO-MEASURE?

Made to Measure:

The made to measure process works with a limited number of symmetrical adjustments (+/- in girth(s) and length(s)) to a pre-existing pattern. Comparable to buying an off the rack suit and having it altered except the Made to Measure process it having those alterations done pre-tailoring.


A true bespoke garment is created using a unique, original pattern specific to each client’s body structure. This is how we craft each and everyone of our pieces.

4. What is a certified BESPOKE MASTER CLOTHIER?

Our custom clothiers are equipped with the knowledge and ability to measure and create a bespoke garment providing their customers with the best experience and fit.

5. What is the CERTIFICATION process?

Every certified Clothier has gone through a series of thorough measuring tutorials and a thorough screening process while working under master tailors.

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