Sarah Rafferty of Suits: The Made2Measure Experience

Creating a Custom Suit for Sarah Rafferty of the Hit TV series Suits


At M2M, we are proud to be the first bespoke clothier in Toronto offering custom made clothing that’s constructed for women. With over 3500 fabrics, designs, and an enjoyable and convenient shopping experience, we delight in creating something just for you.

Today we want to share our experience making a suit for actress Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna Roberta Paulsen on the TV series Suits!

Suits Star Loves Suits

We started our company to fundraise money for children with cancer. Although 11 years later we are now a for-profit business, we still donate 20-25% to charity. We don’t just write cheques, but give our time as well. Sarah happened to at one of the events we attended and out of a large crowd of high level execs, celebrities, and Toronto elite, she approached us and said, “I love your suits! Can I meet your tailors?”

What Suits Suits?

Sarah’s tall and she’s never owned a suit that she liked because they never fit. She wanted a power suit that fit her perfectly so she could wear it to events, meetings, and fundraisers. We worked with her to ensure she found something that was just perfect for her.

While many women choose a one button jacket, we wanted to make hers a two-button to fill up her torso.

After getting to know Sarah better, we noticed she always needed a place to put her hands. So, unlike many other ladies suits, we gave her extra deep pockets. We made her our classic hybrid length pant so she can wear both heels and flats, which is important to a lot of women who want to be able to change up their footwear for different events.

Suits Star All Suited Up

For her very first suit, Sarah was ecstatic with the results. She texted us to let us know how much she loved it (as well as the wardrobe on set): “Wardrobe was impressed and loved it. I love it!!! Just arrived in LA, will wear it to do press. You guys are great! Thanks so much! Talk soon!!! Trench coat next time. :)”

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